Sunday, December 09, 2007

Does Math Make Sense?

Do you have students who wonder...
      • When will I ever use this in my life?
      • Will I really use math outside of school?
      • Do I really use it my everyday life?
      • Who really uses math in their jobs?
      • What kind of math is needed for different kinds of jobs?
      • Does math really make a difference?
Then MathConnections is for you and your students.

Math Connections is a collaborative project for elementary students across the world to...

Experiment, Discuss, and Discover new adventures in learning math together.

Project Purpose
Math is found and used everywhere in our world. This collaborative project is designed to provide a place for students and teachers to share their experiences with math and discover the connection of mathematics study to their own real world experiences. We invite classrooms from around the world to join us in a project that focuses on what making connections with math in the real world.

Join Us...and make math make sense for your students.