Wednesday, February 24, 2010

PETE&C Back Channel

Dianne created a CoverItLive session for ALL of the PETE&C sessions she attended. You will see the comments and thoughts from numerous people who also attended the session either live or virtually. Check it out!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

10 Ways to Lead from the Outside

Resources found at:

Video clip on Leadership from Scrubs
Ralph Nader- I start with the premise that the function of leadership is to create more leaders not followers.

Leadership is about capacity: the capacity of leaders to listen and observe
Thomas Sergiovanni- what makes sense and what is worth doing
Successful community building depends in large measure, on each individual school defining for itself its own life and creating itself...

Inside-Out Strategy
Administrators model is - teachers will see that is important
Have a meeting and set up a back channel for the teachers to get involved in a dialogue

Transformation Leadership
Be the change you want to see in the world- Ghandi

#1 Water Cooler Conversations
  • faculty rooms
  • lunchrooms
  • mailboxes
  • hallways
  • email

#2 email

#3 Listservs & Network

#4 Wikis

#5 Blogging

#6 Microblogging
Video: Twitter in 60 seconds

#7 Nings
Smartboard Revolution Ning
Moodlers Online Ning

#8 Social Bookmarking

#9 Podcasting

#10 Skype

Act 48 Code: IL072353

Telling Stories Visually

Presentation and handouts available at:

Movie Trailer: Temple Grandin: Innovator, author, activist, autistic

Think like a photographer
Gladwell- Outliers
  • 10,000 rule- you need to spend 10,000 hours on doing something to get really good at it.
Use a process
Pre-write= Planning
First Draft = Preproduction
Revision= Production
Proofreading= Post production
Final Copy= Publishing

Have a plan, but always be open to new ideas.

Stories about Places
  • Name six things about the place
  • Find out 6 more facts about the place
  • Now decide what photos you will take.

Shoot what Drives You
  • Your interest
  • Your passion
  • Your heart
  • You need to be in your Element
  • Where is the pay check coming from?

Think about the image you want to shoot- before you click the shutter button
  • composition
  • capturing emotion
  • field of view
  • one photo or multiple photos
  • camera placement
  • compose multiple images together to get one using overlays and transparencies
Photo Essay
  • Establishing shot- where are you
  • portrait shot - tells you something about a person (even if it not a shot of a person)
  • closeup- attracts people's attention
  • light objects attract attention more than dark objects
  • warm colors before cool colors
  • in focus - out of focus
  • isolated items before cluttered items
  • strong contrast before weak contrast
  • oblique lines before horizontal or vertical lines
  • live before inanimate objects
  • objects we recognize before objects we don't recognize
Story Starters or Themes
  • love
  • revenge
  • truth
  • justice
  • lack of love
  • loneliness
  • betrayal
  • self-destruction
  • death
  • resurrection
Capturing Time
  • freeze it
  • slow vs. fast shutter speed
  • night image
  • objects that look old and weathered

Principles of Design
Harmony- repeating patters

Act 48 code: HL302400

Staff Development: Winning Trust and Ambition

Engagement is crucial for all learners.

Staff development is continuous.
Includes how teachers and administrators communicate on a daily, continual basis.
  • Send a thank you note.
Rejuvenation = Motivation - survey

Act 48 code: GL312330

Monday, February 22, 2010

iPods in the Classroom

Click here to find the session resources.

Set up all of he iPods all at one time. Using iTunes, load and name each ipod. Then select all of the apps and then load them on all of the ipods.
et up Apps for Education, evernote, etc on computers at school to familarize students with them before using iPods.

What Apps?
  • They use Evernote as an app for notetaking.
  • They use Evernote and Google Docs for collaborative docs. You can download a google Doc to see it, but changes need to be synced online on a computer.
  • Equiz- Can take practice quizzes- science, social studies, - applicable to many of the subjects.
  • Periodic Table
  • Graphing Calculator
  • Microphone App- purchased microphones from Amazon- MiniMic
  • Conversion
  • Edmodo Group CXT747
  • Use the mic to run Skype
  • Animoto for education
  • My eTextbooks
  • imindmap
  • SAT math prep
How do you purchase apps ?
  • District will cut checks to buy iTune gift cards.
  • Use district credit cards
  • Cut a purchase order
What about student work on the ipods?
  • Is it cleared?
  • Students upload all of their content.
  • Not a problem to have voice notes, evernote notes on ipods.
  • Attach files to Edmodo.
3 A's: Access, Analyze, Apply

Act 48 Code: VL062199

Comic Creation and 21st Century Peofessional Development

How can comics provide an avenue for providing professional development?

Quite often we are teaching teachers, but not teaching them the way we want them to teach.
The goal was to use a different model to have teachers learn about technology, think deeply about content and become engaged.
This was based on a graduate level technology course. Many of the comics were created by teachers who didn't want to be there.

Why comics creation?
  • Builds visual literacy
  • Sustains interaction with content
  • Enhance motivation
  • Has potential for dual controversy
  • Values multiple perspectives
  • Appeals to males
It allows:
  • a forum to voice concerns
  • honest observations
  • safer- non-threating environment that allows for expression, questioning
When you are trying to get teachers to break out of the model of teaching they way they do, you need a way in through the strong barrier that already exists. Decker, 2007, identifies a "Comic Pedagogy" which identifies these elements about comics:
  • Sustains the question until the learning has a place of understanding
  • Attends to complexity and discourages the search for the simple
  • Embraces a 'punch line'- the counter-intuitive option
PD Structure with Comics
  1. Choose a comic making tool
  2. Partner on content
  3. Start with a single panel prompt
  4. Introduce an "in-service question"
  5. Then try a multi-panel comic
Comic Builders
Comiqs- Online pc version of Comic Life
Bitstrips - school account available
Make Beliefs Comics

Act 48 code: AL052162

Sir Ken Robinson: Finding Your Passion Changes Everything