Thursday, December 04, 2008

STARS at East Vincent

We having been have a wonderful learning experience together during our STARS time. The students have engaged in a variety of experiences to develop their reading, writing, research, and oral expressions skills. One project, The Best Book Poll, asked students to select their favorite book and to create a short oral commercial which included important story elements along with their reason why their book was the best. Each student created a podcast of their commercial using an iPod and TuneTalk microphone. Our next step is to ask other students to listen to the podcasts and vote for their favorite book.

Maybe you heard about our “All for One, One for All” project which was the November task for Voices of the World, a collaborative global project. Together we explored the theme of working together through read-alouds, independent reading, and through the creation of a short video which included our visual interpretation of the theme.

Have you heard about Morpheus Fortuna? He has been the focus of our current project. He is visiting our class, learning all about East Vincent, and experiencing all sorts of fun activities. Each student is writing about his experiences all over the school from the point of view of Morpheus Fortuna. In addition, we are taking photos of him to document all of the fun he is having.

An important part of learning is also sharing what you have learned with others. Our podcasts are ready to share with other students. Our writings about Morpheus Fortuna are ready to be shared through his blog. Helping to prepare our students for their futures in a globally flattening world is an important goal. With your permission, I would like to post their work and creations from our classroom projects online linked through my class website,

Online Safety

Learning to interact safely online is vital to your child’s work both at school and at home. Throughout our projects, we will address and emphasize the issue and continue to infuse online safety with every online opportunity. Please note that no personal information about your child or photos of your child will be shared online. Students will create their online pseudonym (alias) as their online identify. In addition, each student will create an avatar (a personal icon that is not their picture) for their online presence.