Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Freedom Writers- Erin Gruwell

Thoughts and Ideas to Engage your Imagination and Hope for Change

  • Everyone has a journey and what is inportant is to first discover where it started and then figure out where it is going.
  • Teach to me not to the test.
  • Don't take away your students' hope.
  • Writing makes you immortal.
  • Look for the promise, potential and hope in your students.
  • Envision you students in their lives.
  • It's about teaching to a kid, not teaching to a test.
  • Education was the only way to equal an unfair playing field.
  • If you teach one, they will teach another.

STEM is Not a Four Letter Word

STEM Ed coalition stated that the demand for scientists is going to increase in four fold in the coming years.

STEM literacy refers to an individuals ability to apply his understand of the world around him as appliem to STEM subjects. STEM learning is fundamental to the 21st century workforce.
think holistically process analytically proficient in estimation analysis and systems thinking and dynamics demonstrate expertise in computer based systems and be life long learners.

STEM Pathway Initiative- Portsmouth, Virginia

Identified 3 high demand industries that are clearly articulated through the VA science SOL- biotechnology geospatial techology and modling simulation-robotics. Created an elementary through high school pull-out program in these areas of need in the local area. Embedded in each program is teamwork, desision making, teamwrk, communication, problem solving, reasoning,applied math.

Elementary- All classes attend these four day pull-out programs.

Grade 4 Space Base Atlas- student created Atlas
Using Tom Snyder's Neighborhood Map Machine Software, esri/arcVoyger, Garmin GPS units, Laptop, Promethean

Grade 5 Enviro Camp
Using GLOBE data collection to study atmosphere, water sheds, oyster study
Using, WMM, digital still camera, QX-3 digital microscopes

Grade 6 AeroBase
Building and launching of model rockets using Microsoft Flight Simulator- the rocketry program was based on the program from the Department of Defense (NASA materials) and adapted it for VA standards.

Middle School - Beginning in middle school, students must apply to attend.

Grades 7 Biobase
Students can apply for Biobase- biotech foundation
Expose students to biotechnology particularly forensics by focusing on a mystery that needs to be solved using Gel Electrophoresis, PCR, spectrophotometer, GPS, esri arcGIS, cameraz, Plotter Pointer, Digital Microscope

Grade 8 Robo Base
Focus Modeling and Simulation Students are set up with the problem of opering remotely on a sick astronaut and are challenged to build a model and then use Scratch to simulate its action whiledeveloping team building and decision making Using Lego mindstorm NXT robots, robolab programming software, scratch programming software.

Currently are writing a high school program that will give them a four year pathway of courses to follow.