Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Telling Stories Visually

Presentation and handouts available at: http://gordonworley.com

Movie Trailer: Temple Grandin: Innovator, author, activist, autistic

Think like a photographer
Gladwell- Outliers
  • 10,000 rule- you need to spend 10,000 hours on doing something to get really good at it.
Use a process
Pre-write= Planning
First Draft = Preproduction
Revision= Production
Proofreading= Post production
Final Copy= Publishing

Have a plan, but always be open to new ideas.

Stories about Places
  • Name six things about the place
  • Find out 6 more facts about the place
  • Now decide what photos you will take.

Shoot what Drives You
  • Your interest
  • Your passion
  • Your heart
  • You need to be in your Element
  • Where is the pay check coming from?

Think about the image you want to shoot- before you click the shutter button
  • composition
  • capturing emotion
  • field of view
  • one photo or multiple photos
  • camera placement
  • compose multiple images together to get one using overlays and transparencies
Photo Essay
  • Establishing shot- where are you
  • portrait shot - tells you something about a person (even if it not a shot of a person)
  • closeup- attracts people's attention
  • light objects attract attention more than dark objects
  • warm colors before cool colors
  • in focus - out of focus
  • isolated items before cluttered items
  • strong contrast before weak contrast
  • oblique lines before horizontal or vertical lines
  • live before inanimate objects
  • objects we recognize before objects we don't recognize
Story Starters or Themes
  • love
  • revenge
  • truth
  • justice
  • lack of love
  • loneliness
  • betrayal
  • self-destruction
  • death
  • resurrection
Capturing Time
  • freeze it
  • slow vs. fast shutter speed
  • night image
  • objects that look old and weathered

Principles of Design
Harmony- repeating patters

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