Monday, February 22, 2010

iPods in the Classroom

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Set up all of he iPods all at one time. Using iTunes, load and name each ipod. Then select all of the apps and then load them on all of the ipods.
et up Apps for Education, evernote, etc on computers at school to familarize students with them before using iPods.

What Apps?
  • They use Evernote as an app for notetaking.
  • They use Evernote and Google Docs for collaborative docs. You can download a google Doc to see it, but changes need to be synced online on a computer.
  • Equiz- Can take practice quizzes- science, social studies, - applicable to many of the subjects.
  • Periodic Table
  • Graphing Calculator
  • Microphone App- purchased microphones from Amazon- MiniMic
  • Conversion
  • Edmodo Group CXT747
  • Use the mic to run Skype
  • Animoto for education
  • My eTextbooks
  • imindmap
  • SAT math prep
How do you purchase apps ?
  • District will cut checks to buy iTune gift cards.
  • Use district credit cards
  • Cut a purchase order
What about student work on the ipods?
  • Is it cleared?
  • Students upload all of their content.
  • Not a problem to have voice notes, evernote notes on ipods.
  • Attach files to Edmodo.
3 A's: Access, Analyze, Apply

Act 48 Code: VL062199

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