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A Spark that Ignites the Power of Learning Collaboratively

The Magic of Digital: Collaborative Interaction in Teacher Professional Development
Presented by Wes Fryer, Darren Kuropatwa, Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach, and Dean Shareski NECC 2008

Conferences are typically finite, but through blended professional development, the opportunity to learn continues. A tiny fraction of teachers are participating, so how can we increase the number of teachers participating?

Through Blended Professional Development- K12Online
It will be there when you are ready to go to it.

  • Provide professional development credit for teachers for accessing the content
  • show them the content- select an element and then share three things about it
  • other people have dealt with the same issues that we are dealing with- having teachers from other countries helps teachers to understand it
  • What are academic needs for your school? Develop and create your PD around it.

K12Online Shanghai- Jeff Utecht exlained his model for using K12Online as professional development with teachers in his school.
What did you learn through K12 Online learning- what were the learning points?
  • Connection - 4 Saturdays in a row with his teachers- watch the keynote together
  • Then 1 1/2 hours you could select any sessions within the strand you selected.
  • Then created podcasts as a group about the experience that day.
  • In addition was able to provide graduate credit for the teachers.
  • International schools partner with US graduate school- blog posts,replies, etc. became the reflection necessary for the graduate course.
Unbounded Learning- not "Bell" Bounded

  • Live events-Fireside Chats and When Night Falls
  • Wes - Sustained conversations over time change us
  • Live events provided some of the social glue that bind us together.

It is about student learning.
Part of publishing is showcasing work.

Learning how to learn yourself so you can analyze it and then teach your students how to do it.

It is all about people.

How do you plan to engage people in learning together?

How can the K12Online Conference be a stimulus to ignite learn
ing with your staff?

k12online photo by Wesley Fryer on flickr
Skypetation by todbaker on flickr

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