Sunday, September 21, 2008

What Do Your Plurks Say About You?

Are you a user of Plurk? It has come to grow on me, now a daily part of my onneting with my PLN. I do know that I am creating a rather large digital footprint through all of my microblogging, blogging, websites, and collaborations. Just try searching your name on Google- you might be surprised to see what you discover. Well, Google isn't the only site tracking your digital thoughts. This Plurk Analytic analyzes your Plurks to give others some insight into you. From an analysis of my Plurks I discovered the following can be said about me:
  • likes to share stuff
  • feels the world
  • is seeking answers by asking questions
  • wonders how, wonders why
Plurk Analytics analyzes the comment qualifiers users most frequently use and then creates a Plurk Cloud of frequently used words and phrases. So who are you and what do your online thoughts say about you?