Tuesday, April 24, 2007

My Learning Community

I am currently listening to Women of Web 2.0 who are hosting Steve Dembo tonight. In a recent post on Digital Passports, Steve was asking for responses why teachers commit to an education community such as the Discovery Educator Network and what they gain from it? It is certainly NOT for the 'coupons and clothing'. There is amazing power in a community of passionate and dedicated educators collaborating and sharing their ideas as they strive to be the best educators they can be. I have made connections through the Keystones Integrator Program and the DEN that have opened new worlds and new possibilities for both myself and for my students. The connections I have made are invaluable. Belonging to these virtual and quite real communities means I have my own personal research team, my own learning team, my own class, my own mentors with whom I can learn asyncronously. I can turn to them any day, anytime to receive the latest recommendations and ideas for solving a problem or answers to my questions. They are my inspiration and my support. Together, they show the power of a networks of educators to not only touch the future, but to create the future today.

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  1. Linda,
    What a powerful endorsement about why you are involved in these virtual communities. YOU are right on, keep spreading the word.
    Cheryl Oakes