Friday, August 08, 2008

Taking a Break

Summer provides a chance to take a break from everyday routines, to rejeuvenate your self, and to experience new people and places. This summer we headed from Philadelphia to Toronto and then to Calgary where we headed out to explore the Canadian Rockies. As we began our drive out of Calgary, the mountains slowly began to rise up out of the earth. The scene gives promise that this break would be spectacular.

We’ve arrived in Lake Louise for a two-night stay at the Post Hotel. Nestled beside the Pipestone River. I can hear the rapids running as I stand on our balcony. The ‘town centre’ is a small strip mall of gift shops, a grocery store, bakery, deli, sports store, art gallery, candy/ice cream shop, and liquor store, accented with two gas stations, a restaurant and an information center. The size of the town centre belies the number of people that visit here. Just beyond the town center is the gigantic Lake Louise Fairmount Hotel, a destination in itself, nestled on the edge of Lake Louise.

But, it is the Spa at the Post Hotel and a Thai Stem Massage that I am looking forward to the most…a relaxing ninety minutes of massage, stretching and a soothing hot lemongrass rub. It will magically release the tension and muscle knots that seem to be impervious to all other remedies.

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