Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Who's Who and What's What in Library 2.5?

Feed, Tag, Research: Remixing for School Library 2.5
Presented by a Who’s Who Panel in Library 2.5:
Joyce Valenza. Cathy Nelson, Carolyn Foote, Anita Beaman, Diane Cordell, and Kim Cofino
So you think your world has changed? Drop in and see how this international line-up of school librarians have embraced the tools and rethought what it means to be a librarian and have a library.

Librarians are the school CIO

  • We need to lead from the center.
  • We need to partner in the information landscape.
  • We need to communicate with our learners in remote ways.
  • We need to lend digital flash drives, digital cameras.
  • The library should be a place to go for anything you need in terms of knowledge.

Rethinking databases.
  • We need widgets and gadgets and an amazon-like business model that allows us to subscribe when we need it.
  • Students don't know what the databases they need.
  • We need to make them available to them as they need them and be able to set up RSS feeds to receive the data.
  • Think about information in a bigger way
  • News is not just in English and Western.

Rethinking Collections
  • Collection includes the knowledge that our students give us.
  • How do we gather that together and make it available for others?
  • How do we organize the students' work and insure equity?
  • How do we ensure equitable information access and delivery? See Intellectual Freedom for Youth by Annette Lamb
  • Engage Ethics- making sure that everyone in your school is aware and that they also contribute not just use it.

Changing Your Perspective
  • Using the tools for professional development
  • Using the tools for Parent workshops
  • Think about working with an administrator differently.
  • Principals may not be aware what the library is there for.
  • Maybe the library needs to look at how they market themselves.
  • What do you want from our school librarian?
  • Are we sure what the mission is for the campus mission?
  • How can we help them?
  • How can you be transformative and be a change agent?
  • The key is advocating for students first not advocating for the library or the program

How to be Popular with Your Principal
  • Share, share, share
  • Figure out how your principal learns best? Just like you would with the students.
  • Podcast, summarize and highlight
  • Email a link, read a book, send a youtube video
  • Be there- be at meetings, be a resource
  • Be a partner, not a judge. If you are judging you are not working as a parter
  • Share your campus success stories.

Think of Yourself as a Corporate Librarian

  • Read principal blogs, journals, etc.
  • Think of your librarian as innovation central- be the person for innovative creative thinking.
  • Focus on the big picture - on the whole campus, not just the library.
  • All the new web2.0 tools are just a new way of interacting with others
  • Create a shared vision.
  • Do ongoing workshops.
  • Embrace technology yourself.
  • Think about ways you can start leaderless organizations to empower others to do the same.
  • Change the way you see yourself!

How to Reach Out and Get Others Involved
  • There are too many choices- need to help others change in small ways
  • Need to expand the SPACE that people are operating in and the mindset they are bringing to the situation
  • Engage other teachers as co-learners
  • eliminate the stress others feel- make them comfortable learners
  • Step 1- interview them- What are you doing now? What do you think might need revamping or change?
  • The tools need to support the content
  • Reassure people that everyone is an expert
  • Don't come at them with a lot of vocabulary that they do not understand
  • Use word that the learne can identify with
  • Narrow the choices and help them select
  • One size does not fit all
  • If the old tools work better than you don't need to do something
  • You are a help point- be there physically to help them out
  • Age doesn't matter- encourage lifelong learning
  • Have fun- play with things, don't be afraid to fail
  • Celebrate success

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