Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Tech Tool Rotation #1 - Google Sites

Sign at the GoogleplexImage via Wikipedia

Google Sites- Presentation by Lisa Thurman

What is Google Sites? It was recently acquired by Google and launched last February.

Some elements of Google Sites to explore:
  • To embed YouTube videos- you only need to paste the url
  • Embed Google Docs and Spreadsheets- Unit on biotechnology
  • Purpose and Audience- Decide first and then select the tool
  • Google Site gives you 100mb of storage
  • Google Apps- 10 gig of storage
  • Here are 5 different types of page types which can be changed for each page
  • Filing Cabinet
  • Calendar
  • 23 themes to choose from
Cheryl Davis: Example of how to use Google Sites with professionals- Use it ot create and collaborate on living curriculum documents

Example of use with students
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